I’m Shannon Whitehead Smith, and this is my “whatever I want” blog and newsletter! I started blogging around 2001, hosting my thoughts on various online platforms through the years, and launched Shannon Sometimes during college in 2011. This blog exists because I need a creative outlet for my writing. I always have.

I write digital content for a living, too. My days are filled with my work as a Content Strategist, reading books and articles, and anticipating what I’ll eat next. I’m a 30-something big reader and book reviewer, home cook, glittery-girly-girl, fashion industry dropout, Christian (not that kind), and introvert (INTJ, 5w6) who happens to love parties. Early mornings with coffee and silence are my fuel for life. I’m a North Carolina native who now makes my home and most of my adventures in the Atlanta, GA area with my husband, Larry.

Anything else? Contact me by email, shannon [at] shannonsometimes.com.