Hope everyone had a great Independence Day weekend! All I did was make food, eat food, and hang out with family and friends. Maybe that’s why I’ve been having more skin problems lately because of the things I eat. These fourth of July edition funfetti cupcakes were definitely my favorites out of everything I made this weekend.

I haven’t been doing much with my nails except trying to make them grow again. The stress of summer school made them brittle and shorter, so I haven’t been able to do cool designs or anything. The red can is instant nail dryer spray I bought from Sally Beauty Supply for only about $1.49. The other products are nail lacquer by ORLY and NutraNail strengthener polish, growth formula, and green tea cuticle oil.

I also started to realize that I have bought a ridiculous amount of cleansers throughout the years. Lately it seems like one product will stop clearing blemishes for me so I’ll buy something else, then it will stop working, and so on and so forth. After I took the picture I realized there are a few other cleansers I stored in places that I forgot about. Maybe it’s time for me to get some good quality cleanser, from Mary Kay perhaps, that costs more but will hopefully keep my skin clear. Looks like at $4-$7 a bottle for each I’ve bought and stopped using so far, I’ve spent more than enough to have bought Mary Kay already.

What kind of cleanser do you use?