I turned 20 on Saturday. Although I’m normally going out to party in my college town and other places, that’s not what I wanted to do for my birthday. All I wanted was to be away from school, eat some amazing food, and be surrounded by my best friends. I ended up spending my day getting my eyebrows waxed, buying a couple bottles of nail polish from Sally’s (the two China Glaze ones I wanted in my previous post), shopping around Target and getting a sequin orange and pink bikini top and black/white striped mini skirt, venturing out to adult shops with my friends (it wasn’t my idea…although the penis cake they wanted to make me would’ve been nice) and ultimately going to Olive Garden and getting at least 30 funfetti cupcakes from a friend and free glasses of Moscato.

I kept accessories light and simple and sprayed myself with Victoria’s Secret Cupquake scent…I figured it was especially appropriate that I smell like a cupcake on my birthday. The wedge heels I had on are from Payless. I hardly ever wear them and they’re so much lower than heels I’m used to wearing. I don’t remember where I got the dress from but it’s one of those things you have in your closet and never think to wear. Earrings from Forever21.