I’m thinking of making some changes in the way I make investments in clothes, shoes, and other additions to my wardrobe. I actually need denim shorts and crops, and there are a couple pairs of shoes I’m dying to have, but I’m supposed to be saving to decorate my new apartment in August.

1. Thrifting. I forgot how much I love finding unique pieces from second hand shops. A lot of this inspiration came from reading Karla’s Closet and other blogs and seeing how much better I can make an outfit with a few vintage main pieces.
2. Necessities. What is really necessary? Obviously I don’t need any more nail polish. I can’t hardly go in a store and see a color that’s not similar to something I already have. I find that I’m a much happier shopper when I can save and get items without feeling guilty.
3. Inspiration and Focus. I am more aware of what I like and want now. It’s so easy to pick up something because it’s pretty and shiny but the reality is, I don’t need it unless it will truly enhance the looks I’m going  for in a practical way.

This is represents my life right now. Nail polish of the moment is OPI “Need Sunglasses” and there’s that red bull that helps me through large piles of assignments.

Today was my chill and be productive day. I wore a black tee, gray leggings and my pink glitter TOMS.

I catch myself and pull back from a lot of things lately before I cause conflict. I’ve been an emotional roller coaster but I’m sure it’s just stress and me trying not to get attached to someone. Summer school is annoying too but I’m fairly optimistic.