With the last of my birthday money, I decided to purchase a new flat iron out of the frustration I had with my swimming class ruining my hair. Instead of the $130 FHI Platform I originally wanted, I opted for a significantly cheaper and, based on reviews, equally satisfying option – the GVP Metallic Pink flat iron for $50 at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

I also purchased Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum. I didn’t buy the flat iron solely because of the adorable pink color, but it did help win over my favor…

Excuse the ridiculous face I’m making in the ‘before’ picture, but it worked wonders! I was beyond satisfied with the results. If only I didn’t have to get right back in the water the next day I’m sure it would have remained that way (the swim cap I wear in class doesn’t protect my hair very much).

And finally, the nails of the moment that I just did tonight… OPI Black Shatter over some cheap Savvy brand pink nail color I’ve had forever.

It was the first time I’ve used the shatter since I bought it so I wasn’t very good at applying it just yet. I’ve been feeling pretty down and emotional tonight, so I stayed up doing my nails and posting this. Thanks for reading!