Owning almost as much nail polish as the local salon makes me want to keep mine polished all the time. However, there are some times when my nails won’t cooperate and aren’t always long enough to look pretty in polish. It’s annoying.

When this happens, I drink a lot of water (or at least I try to) and use NutraNail products. I get them all from the local Walmart and the amount of growth is astonishing and definitely noticeable. I always have my nails back quickly after using just one of these. I have the Growth Formula, which is a weird liquid concoction that I bought by accident once because I thought it was the polish

but it smells like berries and works! The Strengthener in the middle is the first NutraNail product I ever tried. It’s just like nail polish, and I can say that I feel this one works the best and fastest out of the three. The Green Tea Growth Treatment that I’m almost out of is cuticle oil. Sometimes I use this baby by itself and can see my nails start to grow the next day.

*This is NOT a sponsored post.