A few of the places my work has been published outside of this site.

The Witness

Toni Morrison: Black Without Apology (August 2019)

Book Review—Barracoon: The Story of the Last Black Cargo (September 2018)

Book Review—I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown (May 2018)

Book Review—The Speech by Gary Younge (February 2018)

Book Review—This is Not A Test by Jose Vilson (December 2017)

Dahlia Collective

Site is no longer active. Article PDFs are linked.

But The Lord Stood With Me (June 2018)

The Type to Rest (July 2018)

What No One Tells You About New Beginnings (September 2018)

The Mudroom

Love in Shades of Multifaceted Men (June 2018)

Church Marketing Sucks

How to Create Personal Boundaries and Still Serve Your Church Well (April 2019)

Orange Leaders

How Churches Can Use Partnerships to Reach the Community (November 2018)