Lately I keep picking out items with slashes, gashes, and other types of revealing detail. Particularly in the case of the dresses with the back out, this is unusual for me but it is a style I see myself embracing soon. places of visit . Summer is coming and a little show of skin wouldn’t be a bad thing. The tease of a shoulder or the back being out without being completely uncovered appeals to me.

1. Thrills and Chills Black Dress (Lulu’s, $39)
2. Kirra Lattice Back Detail Dress (Pacsun, $34.50 – also comes in pink and black!)
3. Stephanie Cut Out Top (Alloy, $26.90)
4. Ruched Design Panel Sleeve Top (Go Jane, $19.60)
5. Motel Janine Pink and Black Dress (Lulu’s, $70)

These are just a few I’ve picked out. What do you think of this look?

As you can tell, this blog is very new but I do appreciate those who have stopped by, commented and followed. I have noticed that most blogs I come across include outfit postings of themselves as well, and I will be posting photos of that nature once I’m off break and wearing something that is actually worth showing.