I’ve obsessively redesigned this blog yet again, debating whether or not to transfer it to WordPress (going back to my beginner nerd roots – I had a WordPress blog back when I was…15?). Lately I’ve just been trying to get everything together…everything. Now that I have this blog the way I want it (for now, since it seems I change something every week) my goal is to put all of the ideas I have to use and post much more often. I also had to force myself to relax for the past few days because all of my list-making was driving me insane. My mind was extremely cluttered but I’m finally starting to feel more content. Since I live in North Carolina, I’ve been looking for freelance writing opportunities that don’t require me to live in New York in order to be an intern. Being a crazy perfectionist is what drove me to the point of forcing myself not to do anything and just be still. I put so much thought and time into resumes, applications, and sample articles that I end up feeling overwhelmed.

Keeping my mind calm yet productive is the new objective – oh, and taking more pictures! Here’s a recent casual work outfit.

American Eagle jeans, Forever 21 top, Leopard print loafer flats from Marshall’s, H&M sunglasses, Dolce & Gabanna watch

Photos taken by Melissa Phillips.