When I first added ombré effect color to my hair, my mom said the ends reminded her of a red fox. Well recently, I played up this look with red pants and attempted to curl my hair (partially failed) in order to go out and eat sushi at Wasabi 88 for my friend Michael’s birthday (which was also a fail for me

sushi menu was too lengthy so I gave up and ordered spicy chicken). Michael is one of the most stylish, respectful, bow-tie wearing, well put together, fashion loving people I’ve ever met. I’ve been trying to convince him for a while to let me help him set up a blog to showcase his style to the world. It might finally come through soon so stay tuned, folks. Especially if you love menswear.

Here are a few photos from the night of Michael’s classy dinner, ice cream cake indulging, and waiting until exactly 12 AM to get margaritas birthday celebration.

I’m wearing: Forever 21 top (similar style here), Bullhead colored denim (most comfy pants ever – now on sale for $15.00), Zara heels, Marc Jacobs watch, H&M ring.