Blogger being down for a little while messed up my momentum. I didn’t really want to post until everything was normal again and I got my comments back, but here I am. Now it looks like this blog hasn’t had much interaction with others, but it was doing pretty well last week!

You know those hanging jewelry holders? I bought one of those but guess what I’m putting in it? Not jewelry. Nail polish! I’m weird.

Speaking of nail polish, I finally tried out the Electric Pineapple by China Glaze color seen on my Haul: Raleigh post. My nails look a bit like florescent highlighters right now but it’s a neat, bright color for the spring/summer. Not sure why the picture turned out such bad quality…

I also had a bunch of packages waiting for me when I got back to school – 6 of them, actually. Most were books I ordered from Chegg for summer school, and the others were my taupe patent leather Steve Madden flats I ordered from DSW, plus yellow OPI nail polish (called ‘Need Sunglasses?’) and a pack of pink earplugs from (I’m a very light sleeper and there’s construction all around my apartment lately).

Unfortunately my new flats show a lot of “toe cleavage” and I hate that, but the color is so brilliant and I’ve been looking for them for so long of course I’m keeping them. My birthday is this Saturday (the 21st) but I’m not planning on doing anything special for it other than going out to eat or something. Hopefully I’ll get some birthday money so I can order a few things! What a shame.