I hadn’t been thinking of any outfit posts to do because it’s so hot outside and I am so over the summer heat and the clothes that come with it. Sorry to be showing these clothes during early August, but all I’ve been able to think lately is how I envision my fall/winter style.

(1) Tribal print leggings are absolutely at the top of my list, particularly this pair from Urban Outfitters. Leggings aren’t usually my thing but I like them styled a certain way. Currently obsessed with the long, oversized, sometimes collared shirts and lace-up wedge boots, particularly the Bamboo lace-up wedge booties.

(2) I want my scarves back! A few good pairs of jeans and shoes and I’d be happy. I have two pairs of Converse (black on black and black & white) that I never wear but I want the optical white All Stars now. Seriously considering a pair of moccasins, too…

(3) This dress is so cute and looks like fall. Tights with dresses and skirts are some of my favorites when cold weather comes around. The boots are Rogal by Aldo. While falling in love with all these wedge boots, I’ve forgotten that I’ll be walking across a large campus to class wearing them…bring it on.

Thanks for reading!