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Monthly Sparkle #3

Monthly Sparkle #3

November and December looked something like this for me: dragging my laptop and textbooks to coffee shops all times of the day and night, laughing over plates of catered food, turning papers due at 11:59pm in at 11:57pm, and rushing out the door to an incredible slew of...

Monthly Sparkle #2: Podcast Edition

Monthly Sparkle #2: Podcast Edition

I can’t decide which one I despise more between audio books and e-books, but I love podcasts for some reason. Probably because it feels like I’m sitting in on conversations between really brilliant people and learning from them without having to participate. I use the Pocket Casts app...

Monthly Sparkle #1

I’m an article hoarder. I recently found out I have over 700 of them saved to read on Pocket (which is an amazing tool, by the way). Thanks to Pocket, Pinterest, Twitter, and other corners of the web, I come across a lot of interesting reads and other fun...

New and Noteworthy

Warmer temperatures are here and so are hundreds of new arrivals from the best retailers! Get your spring wardrobe ready with the latest and most unique items before they’re all sold out and everyone looks fabulous in them…except you. SHOP ON: 1. Mara Hoffman Tanksuit 2. Sophia Webster...

Statement Jewelry That Steals the Show

All the buzz is about the statement jewelry trend, and rightfully so. Owning a collection of bold pieces guarantees your outfits never lack interest. There is a place where the best jewelry designs of the moment gather to hang out and wait for you. Bauble Bar has become the destination...

To Like About Spring

It’s first day of spring. Yippee! It took a lot to get that “yippee” out of me – I’m not naturally a flip flops and short-shorts kind of girl, preferring my boots and scarves instead. To look at the changing season in a more positive light, I came up...

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