I wore this asymmetrical, colorblock dress out to a late lunch with good friends from high school to start off the week. After a few typical conversations about the good ole days and our future (husbands, children, houses, bank accounts…) I realized something. I realized how much I’ve changed, and in which areas I haven’t wavered from much. It’s not that I don’t think about the future or have my wedding planned out on Pinterest like everyone else, because I do; it’s just that I’ve stopped thinking so obsessively about days to come the way I used to. Worrying about what’s not even here yet will drive you crazy (trust me, I know)…which is why I’m channeling my energy into building up the present.

Colorblock dress thanks to Sugarlips Apparel, Betsey Johnson sunglasses, Zara Wedges, Dolce & Gabbana watch
Relevant life reference: Matthew  6:33-34