Months ago, a group of fashion majors and members of the Apparel and Interior Merchandising Organization of my university started a blog to document the styles seen on our campus. The moment I purchased my camera, this project was one at the top of my list. I watched Bill Cunningham New York, an incredibly inspiring documentary about The New York Time’s legendary fashion photographer known for his candid street style shots. While this film influenced me greatly, my friends and I realize that we are not in New York. We are in North Carolina where unique and interesting style is quite a rarity, a pattern mix gets a raised eyebrow, and a high heel in a casual day outfit is typically frowned upon.

In the face of an environment that is normally in a style rut full of seemingly endless leggings with no spunk, Rainbow sandals all alone with sweatpants, and others we see so frequently it almost bores us to tears, we know that where there is a will to be unconventionally stylish, there’s a way. Those who make a way are the reason I bring my camera out to snap them when they make us say, “Ooooh! There’s one!” and recognize them for their efforts.


These are only the first in a series of campus style shots we’ll be capturing in the future. The fashionable treasures of our environment surely await, and I’m ready to see what else my peers come up with. Nothing against those who stick to the basics and don’t give a single hoot about fashion…it just excites us to see those who do.

All photos taken on the campus of East Carolina University with a Canon EOS Rebel T3.