(Sweater: thrifted, Jeggings: Pacsun, Watch: NY & Co., Leather suede boots: Belk.)

It was a chilly, strange day when I decided to wear my newest grandpa sweater and yes, it was as comfortable as it looks. Funny how I did a post on how I’m obsessed with oversized sweaters lately, and I come back wearing one. These days have been so out of whack. It seems like everything is falling to pieces around me and I can’t do anything but be quite miserable. All I’m supposed to be doing is studying, and I’d rather be doing anything but. Problems with the male species, situations with roommates, and the stress of school is driving me insane.

All I want to do is order shoes, sleep, and eat ice cream in bed. I’ve realized that I have a problem with over-thinking and with titles. I don’t have the same problem with titles that most people have. My problem is NOT having a title. I think if I don’t have clarification and know clearly the intentions of whoever I’m dating, then something’s wrong. Now that I’ve had time to realize none of that matters, get all of my frustrations out and clear my head, it looks like it might just be too late.

Melanie Fiona – 4 AM