This blog has been a lot about self-discovery and growth in my style and my personal life. Clearing out my closet, I decided to pay my forever neglected jewelry box a visit and give it a touch up as well. In doing so, I discovered that the reason I don’t wear much jewelry is because I hate practically every piece I own. I long for more detail in my outfits, but my jewelry no longer fits my style and therefore I need to do a huge jewelry purchase of pieces that will actually last. Less little $4.80 trinkets from Forever 21 that turn colors after a few weeks, and more timeless pieces that will add the perfect touch to my outfits. In light of this wardrobe issue, I’m going to try to shop for only jewelry for as long as I can. Since my “no clothes, scarves, or nail polish” shopping challenge is over (that I failed miserably…) I’ll challenge myself to rack up on the details. I want arm parties!
(photo from we heart it)