The fourteenth of February is a day set out to recognize love, and what better love to recognize than the love you have for yourself and the people in your life. If you have a significant other or even if you don’t, it’s easy to get into the spirit of V-day – especially if you’re a girly girl like I tend to be. Even though I don’t have a Valentine anymore, I can’t help but be attracted to the bright shades of red and pink that surround us around this Hallmark holiday. If you want to celebrate and don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, there are still ways to do so. site down Here are a few ideas I thought would be fun for your very own Valentine’s day with yourself or your best friends.
Black heart back dress: Topshop, Pink peep toes: Miu Miu, Nail polish: Deborah Lipppman, Grey asymmetric belted jacket: Topshop, Glitter loafers: Anthropologie.
1. A night to dinner, in or out: Stay in and cook a big, delicious dinner, pour up a few drinks, or bake a bunch of cutesy cupcakes or other treats. Getting dolled up to go out could also be fun. Move over couples – girls night out is coming to dinner, too.
2. Movies and laughter, middle school sleepover style: Pop in a few classic chick flicks like Mean Girls, or watch a funny one like John Tucker Must Die to remind yourself why being single isn’t such a bad idea. Alternatively, you could go out and catch a showing of The Vow to show yourself an image of true love that you may have begun to give up on.
3. A shopping trip: Call it retail therapy if you want, or just write it off as retail fun. If you’re like me, you’ll consider using Valentine’s day as an excuse to buy yourself something nice. It’s not like we don’t shop our asses off all the time anyway.
Remember, not having a significant other doesn’t mean you have to be mad about it on this day. It’s on a Tuesday, after all, so having school or work the next day should make us all not feel so bad about not having big plans with a Prince Charming. Being bitter isn’t attractive or fun, so make sure you still have a good day/night and know that there is someone out there for you.