Here are a few products on my want list that I’d like to be using within the next few months.
1. CND Super Shiny Top and Stickey Base Coat (Ulta, $8.50 each)  The reviews for these items are great. People say they really help nail polish stay on longer, and with my collection and how much I put into nail color, I need it to last.
2. Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer (Fred Flare, $6) — I’ve been eyeing this cuteness for a while. It can be put in the fridge or warmed up. I end up looking less refreshed than I’d like because of my horrible sleeping patterns…thanks, college.
3. FHI Platform Flatiron (Folica, $130) — Since my flat iron started smoking regardless of what setting it was on and a friend told me that means I need a new one, I went on a search for a good one. My hair is very thick so I want something that will make it look good between salon visits. A couple people suggested a CHI, but after a few weeks of research and seeing these photo reviews, I was sold on the FHI platform.
4. Philosophy Purity Made Simple High-Foaming Cleanser (Ulta, $21.50) — No face wash seems to be working for me lately as fast as I want it to. My face hasn’t been the same since final exam week which was at least 2 weeks ago, and a few stubborn blemishes just won’t go away fast enough. According to some reviews, this cleanser might be worth the unusually high price because it balances skin.
5. Nair Bikini Line (around $4, Walmart) — This one I’ve actually bought plenty of times before. It’s bathing suit season, and no one wants hair or unsightly razor bumps around their bikini line. It usually works fine for me.
6. China Glaze ‘Liquid Leather’ and ‘Fairy Dust’ (Ulta, $6.99) — Like I need more nail polish, right? I actually don’t have a black nail color right now, and I was convinced I needed to get one especially after seeing how ‘Fairy Dust’ looks over black. Cute, isn’t it?
What are your favorite beauty products? Do you have any of these? I rely heavily on reviews before I order anything, so feedback would be great!