1.Watches: Gucci “G-Timeless” Stainless Steel Watch, Emporio Armani Round Black Watch. I’m sure there all lower priced options out there that I’d probably get for him if he existed, but these are hot.
2. Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren Long-Sleeved Half-Zip MockNeck Sweater. Something he can use, and that looks good on him.
3. Dress shirts: Men’s Store at Bloomingdale’s Dress Shirts. The tie’s best friend and close companion. Nothing like a well-dressed man.
4. Ties: Duke Women Plaid Necktie. These are great, even if they’re just the team’s colors and no logo. I always seem to date Duke fans.
5. Tickets: Courtesy of Google.com, if it’s out there I can find it!
6. Sneakers: Lacoste Ampthill Wp Canvas “Boots”. Most guys love sneakers, and I’d be on the hunt for something that’s a little different. These are both neat and classic.
7. Cologne: Ralph Lauren Polo Black. I have always wanted to buy this scent for a guy.
8. Jeans: JBrand Flynn Used Look Slim Fit Jeans. A great pair of jeans is always a good buy.
9. Belt: Polo Ralph Lauren Distressed Leather Belt. For those great jeans.

All of these ideas, and no official boyfriend! What a shame. This was fun to come up with though, and maybe someone out there will benefit from these ideas for their boyfriend…..or brother.