These outfits revolve around the top three shoes that I’m definitely getting for fall. There are many others, trust me, but these are just my favorites and the ones that hold paycheck priority. 😉

First is the Asos Clint pull-on leather long leg boot, the leader in a series of searches for a versatile black boot that won’t slide up and down my leg like the leather suede boots I bought last year. I put Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara with this set after hearing about it on another blog and googling it for myself. It has outstanding reviews. So if ever I get in the mood to spend $22 on mascara (doubtful) I’ll give it a try.

Second, we have the DV by Dolce Vita Zela boot. I want them in taupe. I just love them. There aren’t many more words for the way I’m lusting after these boots. And although I’ve never been much of a yellow wearing person, the mustard color of the cardigan is one of the colors I’m trying to incorporate into my wardrobe for fall.

These ‘Lottie’ stud ballet flats from Asos are last but certainly not least. In fact, I’ll probably buy them first.

Cooler weather has arrived and my mind is racing with everything I want to get and wear before the season rushes away. Last year I got obsessed with some things and bought so many that I didn’t even have a chance to wear them (patterned tights, to be specific…I remember buying at least 6 pair).
Cheers to productive and responsible fall shopping!