I didn’t realize how many pictures I’ve started to take and how obsessed I’m starting to be with the Instagram app until I wanted to do this post. I was always annoyed by bloggers doing constant posts full of camera pictures when they clearly have a DSLR they used to use, but I understand a little now that I also own both. I’m still figuring out my DSLR and though I love it and it takes awesome pictures, it’s size is simply not convenient to take pictures wherever I am like my iPhone can. Plus, I might as well face it – I’m a bit of a tech nerd and all of these photo editing apps really excite me.

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Snapshots since the last post:
Valentine themed funfetti cakes, outfit for a busy day, rice crispy Superbowl cake at a party I went to, picture I made of 2 Corinthians 4:8 with the Phonto app I recently downloaded, scarf and long sweater day, new Alpha Kappa Psi tee and hoodie.
Groggy morning of coffee and OPI’s “Do you lilac it?” polish, relaxing with old magazines + soup, glitter over China Glaze’s “Liquid Leather” black polish – signifying that I could shine out of the darkness I was feeling at the time, new vanilla icing scented Yankee candle and Seche Vite base coat, my stylish friend Michael’s outfit of the day, my Canon Rebel DSLR that I love so much.
Baked spaghetti with a pepperoni heart (I couldn’t wait for February to get here so I’d have an excuse to do that), me with one of my favorite sweet gummy candies, breakfast coupon love, pearl heart ring and pink scarf on Valentine’s day, favorite cute Hallmark mugs.
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I’m looking forward to changes I’m planning to make in myself and my life. Changes in my mentality, outlook, and especially dating relationships. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I have most definitely been insane.