In light of the massive media coverage of her recent wedding, I know a lot of people are about tired of hearing about this woman. As I’ve heard people complain about her I asked myself, “What is it about Kim Kardashian that makes me like her?” I realized that it’s absolutely not her personality (she’s whiney and dramatic – two traits I despise in people) or any of her past decisions, but her style. I have always liked her for her style. People love to say that she got most of her fame from the sex tape scandal and while that might be halfway true, folks forget that she was born rich and had a budding career as a stylist before any of that occurred.

Another reason I wanted to do this post on Kim Kardashian’s style is because a lot of what she wears is similar to how I picture my fall style. Blazers and statement scarves in particular.

What do you think?