This post was almost titled “Big Girl Style” but that may have been a bit misleading. As my graduation date quickly approaches (insert freak out here), I’m on the search for a career starting place that will allow me to have what I call a big girl salary and big girl apartment.  Since I find myself leaning more towards a merchandising job post graduation, the last thing I want my interview outfits to be is boring.


Look 1: navy blazer, print top, navy pants. Look 2: light gray blazer, solid shirt, print accent shirt, light gray pants. Look 3: gray suit jacket, patterned top, pants. Look 4: black blazer, grid print top, black skirt. Look 5: plum blazer, neutral top, plum pants.

Of course every interview setting is different and with certain companies you will need to stick to solids and play it completely safe. However, if you’re interviewing somewhere with a more fun and fashionable culture, you can look professional while showing some style. You can let your personality shine through without overdoing it. With a strong, undoubtedly professional suit, a subtle but fun view of a print or bright color can spice it up. Fashion can set you apart and shows even more of who you are than your resume and cover letter combined.