Cardigan and Jacket: Forever 21, Jeggings: Pacsun, Scarf and Glitter flats: Old Navy, Watch: Belk

A new semester has started so now I’m trying to work less and focus more. I wore this to a long day of class and out to dinner at Wasabi 88 Asian Bistro with a couple fellow fashion lovers and new friends I made in merchandising class last semester. I’m having a great time figuring out my new camera. Recently it was announced that I will be the Historian for my fraternity this semester, which gives me many more opportunities to use it!

I have a lot of thoughts, so instead of making a whole new separate writing blog, I think I’ll add these to the ends of my posts sometimes (inspired by Carrie Bradshaw).

My “resolution” to not buy any clothes at least through the month of January is going fairly well. I try not to tempt myself by going to my favorite shopping sites or stores. I realized that there are so many items in my closet that never get touched, and I need to give myself a chance to wear them. Especially considering that a lot of the reason I don’t wear everything I own is because I live in a small town and walk around a college campus all day mostly full of leggings and hoodies and UGG boots. Fashionable people get stares and ignorant comments, but I don’t care what people say about anything else in my life so their approval of my outfit choices isn’t needed, either. It’s not like I wear anything outrageous, but if I bought the clothes and shoes it’s because I like them. Letting your true style out instead of suppressing it is a form of freedom and what we do with our true style is a form of art.