Just a few random pictures from this week.

1. Took my own outfit picture, whilst falling more and more in love with my new camera every day.
2. Tried a recipe for crispy cheddar chicken from Jamie Cooks It Up and it turned out great. I’m always looking for new recipes that don’t require a lot of time.
3. Had a few shopping days with my roommate, one in which she got this fabulous oversized sweater and those combat boots for amazing prices. (She wouldn’t let me take her face, boooooo.)

I’m still not shopping. Well, not really…does thrifting count? Instead of retail therapy, I’m taking time to relax. I had gotten used to not having free time, and now that I have a little bit I try to make sure I work in at least a few things I enjoy doing.

“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.” 
— Doe Zantamata

Hope everyone had a great week!