The 21st of May finally arrived on Monday, officially making me a member of the 21 and up club. I always thought “Shannon turns 21 on the 21st” had a nice ring to it and would make a cute party theme, but I had neither the time, patience, or desire to plan a party

especially with my birthday not falling on a weekend. This year, I wasn’t making a huge deal over my birthday because truthfully, I was just ready to be of “legal” age. I’m not one for restrictions. I know they’ll always be there and I still can’t rent a car, but now there are a few less people able to tell me what I can buy and which events I can get into.

I had my dinner at Plaza Azteca, a popular Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, I went out on the town with a few friends who were brave enough to do so on a Monday. I had a wonderful day and there are so many details that make for fond memories (such as how about 17 friends showed up for my dinner and how loved I felt). For pictures of me getting pied in the face during the dinner, check out my Instagram.

With fraternity brothers, Yunhea and Terresa.

My birthday present to myself: Marc by March Jacobs ‘Amy’ watch.

I really wish I had more pictures but I was busy socializing and otherwise enjoying myself. Cheers to being 21 years young!