It’s been exactly a week since my birthday, and I can say that this week has been wonderful. I didn’t go anywhere particularly exciting or find a one hundred dollar bill in a pair of jeans, but I’m feeling so mentally prepared for life and more motivated than ever. I had the day off on Saturday and no obligations, so I made it a day of inspiration. I did exactly what I never have time to do

nothing. I sat in bed, browsed design blogs, read magazines, ordered pizza, and found more items online to lust over.

1. Only J.Crew has the power to make me desire a pair of flip-flops in my wardrobe again.
2. The Kate Spade bag I’m trying to talk myself out of “splurging” on.
3. Wonderful ASOS front-lock bag that is perfect for my life and my college student budget.
4. The perfect gold watch (surprisingly Michael Kors, whose watches sometimes have faces that appear too masculine for my taste).
5. The most adorable thing I saw all week – an iPhone case made to look like a pop-tart.
6. What I need to make my nails look like metal: Nail Rock printed nail wraps.
7. I came to the conclusion that Revlon nail polish might be worth a try.
8. The side cut-out trend actually appeals to me although it shows more belly skin than I normally go for.
9. Thanks to Current/Elliott for helping me see that I’m still not over the printed/colorful jeans trend.
10. Thought this cage arm cuff from ASOS was pretty cool.
11. Came across the perfect pair of nude sunglasses that just might complete my collection for the summer. 
12. Yet another pair of black flats that may be acceptable to add to my 5+ collection just because the sides are fishnet.
13. I admit, I want everything to be as cutesy as possible…even thank you notes.