Styles change and preferences evolve. I know mine certainly have over the years. The more I write, research, and put outfits together for myself in the morning, the more I realize that the overall success of a look certainly is in the details. While we know that simplicity is a fashion virtue, accessories add interest. Speaking of interest, this deeper interest I’ve had in what makes an outfit interesting along with the heightened appeal that I have for detail comes at a fitting time. I recently found out that the topic for the weekly article I’ll be writing for my internship this summer is Accessories Report. To me, an accessory is any detail that adds flavor to the basics. Whether it’s a handbag, head wrap, nail art, arm party, statement necklace, or just another layer – I consider them all mention-worthy outfit elements.

Making an outfit more than just a bland, monochromatic ensemble or the basic top and bottom can be as simple as adding another piece over it. The practice of adding layers during warm weather months can be tricky, however. I get jealous of those who live in places where the weather is breezy and at a sensible temperature through the spring and summer. It gets much too hot in North Carolina for jean jackets and blazers once it starts heating up (I know readers in places like Texas and Arizona are thinking “What is she complaining about?!” I don’t know how you do those scorching temps

seriously). We don’t have to burn up for style or pass out from a heat stroke in the name of fashion. Layers can be done in a practical way when the temperature’s turn up, and here are a few examples.


The layering items I’m considering the most essential for me this spring/summer are vests, particularly…

1. Denim vests. Pictured is the MOTO sleeveless jacket at Topshop for $76, but I’ve had my eye on this $49 vest from Nordstrom (that I ordered but it got cancelled because they couldn’t fill it. Womp.) Second option if Nordstrom doesn’t get their act together is Gap’s 1969 cut-off jacket.
2. Blazer vests. It’s never too warm to look tailored. Let’s just get the jackets without the sleeves. This Rag & Bone sheer sleeveless blazer won’t make it to my closet since it’s $460, but this one from Forever21 is likely to make the cut and serve the purpose just fine.
3. Biker vests. The ever so important element that adds edge also comes without sleeves, from Topshop.
4. Sleeveless utility jacket. You can call it a khaki vest, too. Either way it could help in turning boring casual into casual chic.

Honorable mention: statement necklaces. Especially appealing to me lately are “bib” necklaces, like this one from Stella & Dot. Most wouldn’t consider a necklace a layer, but if you add a gorgeous neck piece instead of a vest or anything else, you have an interest factor just the same.

How are you making your outfits stylish in spite of the heat?

{all outfit examples found on Pinterest.}