Now that finals are over for the semester and summer has begun, I have some time to dibble and dabble around. I haven’t been satisfied with my environment at all lately, and I find myself looking for inspiration everywhere. In preparation for my internship with College Fashionista, I was required to create all social networks that I didn’t already have. I’m on every website that matters, I thought, until I saw Pinterest on the list of those to have. Honestly, I never thought I needed Pinterest and didn’t see the point of it. I already had Tumblr and We Heart It, which I assumed were virtually the same thing as Pinterest. I created it since I was required to but let me tell you folks

now, I can’t get off of it. I am obsessed. The first two nights I had this thing I was on it past 3 AM. It’s so easy to discover so much, and it seems like an endless supply of just what I had been needing


Just a few things I’ve pinned and a few areas I’ve found this site useful for.Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as I am?
Follow me, I’m a newb! (says the girl with over 400 pins already…)

Let’s discover together.
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