It’s finally Friday, marking the beginning of Fall Break at my school. I’m been dibbling and dabbling around the interwebs all week as usual


pinning, learning, screen shopping and so on. Here are a few links I’ve come across that undoubtedly made it to my bookmarks.

1. Emily Schuman on The Everygirl: Since she’s my favorite blogger ever (or at least in the top three), I was thrilled to see this feature.

2. Coach Legacy Collection: Must say I’m throroughly impressed with these designs. The classic, minamalist style is right up my alley. Among my absolute favorites are the Candace Carryall and Dorthy Wedge Boot.

3. Strategies to Improve Your Concentration: As a college student with an intense case of senioritis, it’s no wonder this was helpful.

4. IFB’s 10 Tips to Being the Best Writer You Can Be: My chosen career path is fashion journalism so I’m always aiming to improve my writing. These tips were great advice.

5. Refinery29’s Fashion-Themed Playlist: Every time I’m organizing my closet, packing for a trip or just planning outfits for another day, I always want to hear music like this.

6. Gap’s Fall Outfit Guide: Looks like these are why Gap will continue to be my fave (at least until I can afford J.Crew). They’re almost always on point with my style.

7. Betty Crocker Friendly Ghost Cupcakes: Adorable themed recipes like this make me want to throw a social gathering. But it doesn’t take much to make me want to throw a social gathering.

8. 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy: Most of these sounded like they were written for me by a stranger observing what stresses me out. The discovery of this article was followed by a series of amens and a vow to give them all a try.