Pantone, the nation’s leading authority on color, is best known for artful color swatches and for awarding “Color of the Year.” So when the company opened a boutique hotel in Brussels, Belgium, it was built with brilliant design, playful appeal and of course, many bright and bold hues of the Pantone rainbow.


The Pantone Hotel delivers surprises in every corner – colorful toilet paper and other delightful reminders of where you are. Located in the Avenue Louise area, guests have access to many of Belgium’s most popular businesses and boutiques. A visit to this undeniably cool hotel is access to not only a fun, Pantone-branded experience but some of the most interesting landmarks, shops and restaurants the city of Belgium has to offer.

Boasting seven floors of varying colors, rooms of the hotel are not one shade top to bottom with accents in every corner as would be expected. Instead, a refreshing contrast puts spotlight on the room’s assigned color with clean white paint filling most of the space.

Continental breakfast (including Belgium waffles, of course), customizable meeting rooms and the largest selection of Pantone products are waiting for color-loving guests. Oh, and free wifi!