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Heart & Arrow Designs for Pretty Productivity

As the epitome of Type A myself — a meticulous planner and obsessive list maker — I was instantly drawn to the most recent office supply items at Heart & Arrow Design Boutique. The weekly blog planners and hourly day planners are the perfect product for trendy workaholics glued to their carefully...

A Color Lover’s Oasis: The Pantone Hotel

Pantone, the nation’s leading authority on color, is best known for artful color swatches and for awarding “Color of the Year.” So when the company opened a boutique hotel in Brussels, Belgium, it was built with brilliant design, playful appeal and of course, many bright and bold hues of...

Art Goes in the Kitchen

Home of interior designer/watercolorist Ruthie Sommers. Photographed by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful. Are you chopping onions or does your kitchen décor just bore you to tears? The kitchen doesn’t have to be that sad place where the only decoration is a magnet on the refrigerator and a...

Living In Color

I moved into my first “big girl apartment” just a few weeks ago, and truly having my own space has been about as wonderful as I imagined it would be. One thing about me is that I am very particular about my space. Even when I had just a corner...

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