I moved into my first “big girl apartment” just a few weeks ago, and truly having my own space has been about as wonderful as I imagined it would be. One thing about me is that I am very particular about my space. Even when I had just a corner space in a dorm room, I made sure it represented who I am with items all around that, if you knew me, made you point to it and say, “That’s so you.”

Keeping that same principle of decorating for the past few years, I still must have items around that excite me and one other element that makes me happy: COLOR. Eventually, once I have better timing and funds, I will fill my space with even more colorful detail that is bright, happy, and fun. I’ve been able to find plenty of inspiration online…(obviously I should have gotten a pink couch).


This living room styled by Real Simple is fresh yet sophisticated with mixed patterns and sleek furniture.


Bright, bold pillows like these are on my list.


I’m all about the natural light and personality in Bri Emery’s living room re-design, styled by Emily Henderson.


Colors that hurt people’s eyes are my favorites.


My many books are always displayed, and I love the idea of shelving them on the wall above the couch.