Home of interior designer/watercolorist Ruthie Sommers. Photographed by Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful.

Are you chopping onions or does your kitchen décor just bore you to tears? The kitchen doesn’t have to be that sad place where the only decoration is a magnet on the refrigerator and a rooster statue in the corner.

One top objective for those who are decorating any living space is to dress up a lot of blank white space with objects that fit their aesthetic. Art can fill this void. A piece on the wall or in the corner of every other room is common, but color and character variety isn’t always in the kitchen. Every room deserves some design, and a kitchen can take on plenty of personality with the right details.


Photo by Lisa Romerein (via Country Living) / Austin, TX studio of Mary Lee, photo by Chris Perez (via Apartment Therapy)

The question of what to hang in the kitchen is a fun one to explore. Options stretch as far as the imagination – letters that spell out any saying that fits, prints with kitchen-themed art or food quotes, color-coordinated wall hangings and kitchen utensils, strategically arranged cookbooks with beautiful binds, unique mugs on display – just a few ideas for a kitchen with neat touches. Even hanging up simple posters that profess life truths such as “cupcakes are happiness with icing on top” and “caffeine is a food group” are sure to make you and your guests smile.


Kitchen of Greg and Ashley Brown from Seventh House on the Left.


Photo by Yvonne Eijkenduijn of The Yvestown Blog / Cathrineholm Mid Century modern coffee print, via Etsy


Apartment kitchen of art enthusiast Rida Berri, photo by Sif Meincke (via Bolig Magasinet)


Photo by Brooke Holm (via The Design Files)


Photo from Better Homes and Gardens